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Who we are?

Le panier d'Osiris offers you a great selection of certified organic products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, juices, coffee, meat, cereals, soya milk, and much more.

We deliver at home!!!

Our mission is to promote organic products and make them accessible to everyone. We garantee the quality of the products and also, we deliver to your door!

Our delivery zone covers most of Eastern Ontario (Cumberland, Rockland, Wendover, Curran, Plantagenet, Casselman, Embrun, Russell, St-Isidore, Cornwall, St-Albert, Hawkesbury (soon). For other areas within Eastern Ontario, drop-off locations might be considered. Consult the Delivery area for more details.

You can register with the Registration form. You will then receive the list every week. If you need a delivery, fill in the quantities you want and send it back.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, you can phone at 613-295-0769 or email us at info@panierosiris.ca

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